I feel like now is a great time to update my About page!  God knows that what I am about now has changed dramatically since my last update here.  I have recently returned to the city of my origin…NYC!!  The Big Apple has welcomed me home with open arms.  And yes, it is still as pretentious as ever and I am now a 43 year old who thinks like someone who grew up during the 80’s and 90’s…which has helped me gain one of the best positions working for a large law firm in midtown Manhattan.  I now support a team of attorneys in the new section of Manhattan known as Hudson Yards.  Great new area to help me return to my old profession. 

But in addition to having found a great new job, I have also recently joined forces with a man who is so much like me.  Also originally from NYC and just a few years older than me, this man has become like my partner in crime where I had never realized I needed one.  Having traveled the world many times for his work, he shares my perspective in that there is something else going on outside of NYC and this country. 

We also share our passion to live everyday to the fullest.  I have literally lost friends due to my immense amount of energy and my inability to ever stop.  This man makes me look lazy!  (Can you even imagine that…the Universe has delivered to me someone with as much energy and excitement to live?)  Neither of us ever expected to ever be able to find the type of companionship we provide each other…truly knowing that the other person has our back…no matter what.  In just a short period of time, we have been given the opportunity time and again to display our devotion for each other.  As resistant as we both once were to ever get into a “serious, long-term” relationship, somehow the Universe made us crash into each other at a time when we both needed the other.

So when it comes time for me to answer the question, what am I about?…I can honestly say that I have found the man who deserves that 150% I had always wanted to devote to creating a life with a man I could imagine sharing my life with.  A man who shows me that he is also willing to devote the same 150%…sometimes 200% to making sure we are both happy and laughing and enjoying time together…doing whatever it is we decide to do that night!  They say all the time to remember to thank someone for things such as this and I go to sleep every night thanking the Universe for sending me the message to return to NYC and for paving the path to the man who I plan to grow old with…along with those who helped and supported my spontaneous decision to follow another crazy, unpaved road.  And those of you who want to hate me for having found this amazing man with whom I share so much, first tell me whether or not you have listened to the Universe telling you to relax and wait for it? That is the secret.  Luck has nothing to do with it!

Let’s summarize my life now…hmmm.  Let’s see, yes I work from home as a virtual assistant, as I have been able to return to the profession I had while I still lived in NYC as a supporter of small businesses who exist on line.  (In NYC, I managed law firms as I helped them concentrate on the small steps required to allow their firms to function as successful businesses with my business consulting ideas that covered everything from accounting, marketing, personnel, IT, facilities and HR.)

But that’s just what I do for a living.  I live in Puebla, Mexico.  Never heard of it?  Google it! I live in the San Andres section of Cholula, a short walk from the church built on top of the pyramid with the biggest base in the world…where I spend so much time with my “cuz” and my dog.  It is surrounded by cobble stoned streets that are sprinkled with one new restaurant after another, where we can go, sit outside, people watch as my dog attempts to make friends with everyone.  Also surrounding the pyramid are parks and soccer fields as well as museums and boutique hotels where anyone is made to feel at home.

I don’t know why, but I just feel as though the sky here is so much more tremendous than it ever was for me in NYC.  I currently live in a spacious two bedroom apartment with a terrace outside that allows me to see much of this sky…cobalt blue from one end to the other…and it contains a view of two of the five volcanoes surrounding Puebla that produce some of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen. (except the ones I saw in Santorini, Greece….those were pretty freakin’ amazing!)

My daily routine includes me going online to support my clients who are located in the States as I support their small businesses online.  Halfway through my day I always create a lunch for myself that contains either chicken or fish and some of the most delicious vegetables that you can ever imagine.  But if I don’t work at it, my day might only include my little dog, Bowie, since I never have any reason to ‘go out.’  I have my yoga mat here whee I do my daily work outs and besides having to go to the mercado to refill my fridge with the produce that feeds me everyday, I am completely self-sufficient at home. 

But I never feel lonely…bored sometimes but not lonesome for anyone in particular.  I have certainly lived a full life and maybe that’s why I don’t feel as though there is anything missing from my life anymore.  I do have a man in my life who I’ve become quite fond of and with whom I enjoy to share my time with.  And I previously mentioned my “cuz,” who lives down the street and with whom I run errands with and go running with and tend to go out to eat with several times per week for our frequent therapy sessions together.  I also have other super close friends, each of whom I probably get to see 1 or 2 times per month, depending on our work schedules, with whom I meet for breakfast/lunch/dinner/drinks/trips to museums/shopping expeditions/whatever and with whom I love to spend my free time with as well. 

But I’m also super content here, at home, just doing my thing…reading, jigsaw puzzles, cooking, yoga, infusing tea, entertaining friends, with music playing in the background constantly…and this is not only how my life ended up, but how it resulted based on decisions I made along the way…like not putting up with certain things from men just for the sake of having a family…like so many from past generations did.  I always thought that I would eventually have a child with whom I could share the lessons I’ve learned in life but I made more liberating decisions about my life and where it took me and I’d like to think that only a few of them were “for a man”. LOL!

Anyway, now it’s time to visit my YouTube channel to hear about how I ended up here along with the sacrifices I was forced to make along the way.  PLEASE SUBSCRIBE SO ANY TIME A NEW VIDEO GOES UP, YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED and buckle up, this may be a bumpy ride.

Now let’s talk about me…what can I say?  I have really flourished since my last post here, which must have been in the last year, when I was once again becoming comfortable in my own skin.  I was suddenly seeing myself and my life as what it had become since my last relationship…that maybe lasted longer than it should have.  But looking at what happened because of it, I’m not sad about having stuck with it for as long as I did.  I see that had my relationship ended when I left Cozumel, maybe I would have returned to my old life in NYC, as opposed to trying for a new, different type of life here in Puebla, where I am now.  

Had I done that, there are so many people I would have never met!  There is a language I would never have become as comfortable with as I am today.  There is an entire culture here that I had only heard about before.  And while it can never be mine, because I am from some place else, I have still been able to find my “place” within it.  I see how different types of people react to me.  And once we’re past the first, most obvious question everyone seems to have for me, “What are you doing here?”…they can see my appreciation for my life here…how much I adore the passion of the people around me.  How much I adore the FOOD …oh, my GOD!  I am a HUGE fan of the tastes that only Mexico can produce for me.  

In addition to that, I think that the people here appreciate the respect I have for their culture and their traditions.  And I am so grateful to all the things that I’ve been allowed to participate in and witness!  When I begin to speak to people in Spanish…yes, it will never be perfect and I’ll always sound like an American when I speak it…I learned how to speak it here and anyone who is from here can see that in a second.  I share their common verbs and expressions that are not taught in American high school Spanish classrooms.  And this tends to earn me an ear and a level of respect from the people I converse with everyday (ex. bank tellers, supermarket cashiers, waiters/waitresses, or just people on the street).  

I have also stopped being anxious about being here.  I no longer feel as though I don’t belong and that I should be leaving.  Yes, I came here because of my last relationship with a man, but I’m not staying for him.  I’m now staying for me.  It took me a LONG time to see that I too can find and make a “home” for myself here.  That I don’t need to relocate in order to be happy and satisfied with my life here.  It’s a big city of almost 6 million people and certainly diverse and cultural enough for me to stay!

For now, that’s still what I’m “about”…how to find happiness and contentment within oneself without feeling the need to relocate.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…if you can find happiness within yourself, then where you are is only geography!

How things have even changed since that last entry on my About page!  Again, I was about 2 years younger and I was still living with my significant other who has since gone off to pursue his dreams…without me.  It’s not a sad thing, though.  He was just not happy anymore and since I had started to take it personal, I decided (or maybe we decided) that we both needed some time apart.  I feel really bad about it, but I do not miss what our lives had become.  I had turned into someone who was waiting for things to happen without realizing that my present was no longer as enjoyable as it used to be.  I don’t even know when I lost that spark.  

But it’s been over a month and I have regained my thirst to explore and discover new things and new places.  I feel as though my head has come out of the clouds and I am quickly feeling as happy as I once did when my reason to get out of bed was not based on someone else.  I do have an eight month old toy poodle who has certainly brought 14316757_10154524047914049_4609171354887737687_nsome energy into my life and who has reminded me how it feels to be loved unconditionlly.  (anyone can get used to that!)  

I just went away for the weekend to see some beautiful waterfalls located about 2 1/2 hours from me in Central Mexico.  I am also looking forward to attending a concert in Mexico City next month along with one of the great museums there and visiting some tremendous ruins that have been recommended to me.  These are not big things in life, but they were what I was missing while still in a relationship.  Maybe I am incapable of satisfying myself while in a relationship…always waiting for my partner to want to join me in my adventures…when that is not always for everyone.  No hard feelings.

Once, a super good friend of mine described my life as being like a speeding train and I was the driver…anyone want to jump on…the more the merrier…and once you can’t handle the speed and excitement, I can let you off at the next stop.  No hard feelings…I can get you again next time I come around.  I have not yet decided how accurate that analogy is.   But who knows where my next stop will take me.  xoxoxo!

I read this now to see that when I wrote this…for one, I was 2 years younger.  I also see how much my life has changed in the last 2 years.  Over a year ago, the man of my dreams finished his job in Cozumel and decided to move back home to Puebla, about 90 miles outside of Mexico City…to be close to his family again.  At the time, I was fine with that since I had not been able to dive for over 6 months due to migraines.  I was ready to move on with our lives and maybe move to some place that wasn’t so much of a shoe box…maybe a place that was more like the city where I grew up.  So we did and we have been here for over a year where I teach English at the same private school that he attended as a child.  I’ve decided that the thing that defines me as an adult is my ability to survive anywhere!  (It does help, though, when you have the support of someone  you know will always be in your corner.)  Ciao for now…

I am a 37 year old woman from NYC who is continuously pursuing my dream while living down in Cozumel, Mexico with the man of my dreams!  I moved here over 2 years ago when I decided to leave my life in NYC to see what it would be like to live in the Caribbean as a Scuba Diving instructor.  I’m pretty happy I made that decision and while I’ve learned to overcome the obstacles that keep falling in my path, I know now that the universe would never deliver to me anything that I couldn’t handle!

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