The Meaning of Life…

"Is that water safe to drink?" "What are these coins...what am I supposed to do with them?" "Is it safe to live do you deal with the violence?" "How could you not sell Michelob Ultra Light?" "What time is it in the States?" And, of course..."How did you get here?!?!" These are some of... Continue Reading →


What Divers Do to Dive…

It was 2:30 in the morning on a random Tuesday nite in February 2010 when my Blackberry rang.  It was US Air calling to inform me that my flight, which was scheduled to depart from on Thursday morning bound for Charlotte was cancelled due to inclement weather.  I run to my window...the sky is completely... Continue Reading →


Learn to stop and smell the coffee…

I look back at my life in NYC now as a distant memory.  I can never truly imagine returning to the hustle and bustle of my old life.  But I look at that old life of mine and wonder what it truly was that made me decide to completely redo the makeup of my life. ... Continue Reading →


Always believe in yourself…

Life begins in Cozumel...I dedicate myself to getting up early every morning, biking to the boat, diving all day then biking home.  I made some great friends with some of the clients on the boat...met a few people on the island with whom I spent some of my free time.  But what mattered to me... Continue Reading →


Rolling with the punches…

Life will only deliver to you exactly what you can if you're tough, expect a lot of obstacles to arise in your path.  But in the end, should you succeed in something or obtain or earn something you wanted that you did not have before, then you should certainly be proud of yourself for... Continue Reading →



Now I'm all set to move to Cozumel by myself...ready to start my new adventure.  I had returned in November to meet an American woman who had an apartment for me to rent for a year at what I considered to be a fair price.  It was great!  There was a roof deck, covered by... Continue Reading →


Now let’s talk diving…

Before I even begin to talk about how great the Island of Cozumel is with the people and food I've learned to adore or start to describe the obstacles that were put in my path shortly after my arrival and how I overcame them...First, I need to explain, through a diver's perspective, why I fell... Continue Reading →


Before the fun starts…

Before the fun starts, first I had some responsibilities I had to take care of.  For one, I had a job that counted on me, I had friends and family as well as bills that needed to either be paid off or organized so that I'd be able to pay them off eventually.  I returned... Continue Reading →


Hello world!

I guess this is my opportunity to tell you why I've decided to start my Blog.  I'm going to be brief when I tell you that I started this blog as a collaborative effort to help the world discover and follow their dreams.  All that matters is that you're happy every day and that you've... Continue Reading →


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