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I guess this is my opportunity to tell you why I’ve decided to start my Blog.  I’m going to be brief when I tell you that I started this blog as a collaborative effort to help the world discover and follow their dreams.  All that matters is that you’re happy every day and that you’ve succeeded in putting yourself within the life that you imagine for your future.  Remember that everything happens for a reason…

Two years ago I was living in NYC, where I had been born and raised, managing a law firm, after having obtained my MBA, making a 6-figure salary.   I had friends from all over the place with whom I did everything from hiking to drinks or dinner at some of the nicer places in NYC, going to see Broadway shows or the Opera or the newest IMAX movie in Lincoln Center…when I decided to walk away from it all to try my hand at becoming a dive instructor in warmer climates. WHAT?!?! I was bored with the cycle I had found myself trapped in…get up every morning, go to work, meet friends for lunch, back to work, meet friends for drinks/dinner, go home to repeat the same cycle all over again. Date men who were incapable of making a commitment to anything…realizing how flaky friends got when in their mid-30’s…seeing how family drifted away as you weren’t married with small children for them to play with. I felt as though there had to be something better in life!

I had been a diver and had gone on several dive trips during the year prior to my making this decision during which time I had met some of the most amazing people…people from all over the world…from all walks of life who were capable of looking outside the box.  I had always kept with me the many words of wisdom shared with me during these trips and had loved how I could suddenly dream out loud and not feel silly about it. Having visited some of the most exotic dive locations in the Caribbean, I imagined that if I should pursue a profession in diving, then I could travel to one of these dive locations permanently. Seriously?!?!

Why not? So I drafted an email describing my state as a 34 year old woman who lived in NYC with the desire to become a dive instructor. Would the “above-named dive op” consider hiring me as an intern to fill tanks while I completed enough dives to make me qualified to become a Dive Master and then an Instructor, etc. etc. etc. And sent it to 150 dive shops in the Caribbean, Egypt, the Maldives, the Philippines, etc. and heard back from a tech diving instructor in Cozumel who invited me down to Mexico for 2 weeks to see whether or not I could imagine myself living there. So I took 2 weeks unpaid leave from my job and traveled to Mexico for 2 weeks where I discovered some of the best diving I could have ever imagined. But in addition to that, I discovered a culture I could respect, people who I could imagine calling my neighbors and an industry that I might be able to get a foot into.  So that was when the fun started…fun or hard work?