Before the fun starts…

delta-air-linesBefore the fun starts, first I had some responsibilities I had to take care of.  For one, I had a job that counted on me, I had friends and family as well as bills that needed to either be paid off or organized so that I’d be able to pay them off eventually.  I returned to NYC from my 2 weeks in Mexico where I gave 4 months notice to my job, time I had planned to spend either training my replacement or creating some form of instruction manual so that one day someone could just step into my shoes and take over where I had left off.  I had furniture that I made arrangements to have moved to my brother’s new house in NJ along with my 37 inch flat screen.  I also had TONS of suits and winter clothes and high heel shoes by the dozens which I was not going to be needing in Cozumel where I had been promised I’d be able to dive 12 months out of the year in waters that measured into the mid-80’s!!  So I made arrangements with the Salvation Army to make a sizable donation of all my winter clothes (coats, suits, high heel shoes…even jogging suits!!)  There’s a commitment for you…warm weather here I come!

But what if this diving thing didn’t pay me enough to keep me within my accustomed lifestyle, then what?  I would just apply for unemployment…I was unemployed, I was looking for a job, isn’t that the definition?  Sounds good to me!  At least to keep me on my feet for the first few months I’m down there till I figure out what’s going on.  I made arrangements to have my prescriptions hoarded by a friend till my Health Insurance ran out, I bagged clothes I had a sentimental value for which I stored in a closet in a spare bedroom and put all personal belongings with no business on an airplane in 3 bins stored in a basement for future reference should I ever come back.

BFFNow how do I say good bye to the many, many, many people who have had such an impact on my life, ranging from my dentist to my friends from Grad School and the friends I made while doing volunteer work up at Odyssey House to my co-workers to my neighbors and schoolmates…people who it may be a long time until I’m able to sit on a front stoop with to shoot the shit…people who may not be so keen on flying down to Cozumel to come diving when that is really not their sport and they HATE hot weather.  How do I express to them how much they have meant to me and how much I could not have done any of this without their love and support?  I know…I’ll throw them a party!!  And that’s just what I did. I invited all these people from all walks of life to a Fiesta at this amazing Cuban place in Times Square and even had a client of my firm’s create a Chocolate Martini for them featuring her signature chocolate!  I was so overwhelmed and touched by the turn out.  It was so great to see so many people (both friends and family) come to say good bye.

Remember, you would be no where without your support group and you must always remember how to say Thank you!  I think of these people in my life all the time…I laugh at their jokes and remember the lessons they taught me and the advice they gave…whether I agreed with it or not and I’m grateful for it everyday.  That is what fills my heart here…my life with the most amazing people in the world…and they were what made up the world I came from and the world I was about to walk away from.

diving“To see further, one must stand on the shoulders of giants.” – Albert Einstein

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