Now let’s talk diving…

Before I even begin to talk about how great the Island of Cozumel is with the people and food I’ve learned to adore or start to describe the obstacles that were put in my path shortly after my arrival and how I overcame them…First, I need to explain, through a diver’s perspective, why I fell in love with the diving her

e…why I believe we have some of the best diving in the world in Cozumel, Mexico!!!

We probably have 2 dozen dive sites here.  They include what we call coral reef towers along Palancar Reef which begin at around 90-100 feet and go up to about 30 feet and are probably as much as 20 feet in diameter and are so lush and full of life, you could literally swim around one of them for over an hour!  But why would you when you could enjoy other unique aspects to our reefs,  We also have swim throughs galore that allow you to swim under the most amazing natural structures and rock formations in the world!  Also located off our coast, we have a 3,000 foot

wall which is very popular with tech divers as well as free divers.  And with our 200+ foot visibility, most deep divers would never imagine that they were down as deep as they were when you can literally see the surface when you are as deep as 250 feet on a clear day!

Now what would you say if I told you the color of the water was a liquid blue…a color like I’ve never seen before!  When I’m swimming along the wall and facing away from it, and all I can see is that cobalt, periwinkle blue, I literally feel like I’m flying!  Some people tell me that they can’t imagine ever going Scuba diving because they are afraid it would make them feel claustrophobic.  How?!?!  When I go below the surface, I feel as though I am hovering over a small village or town with these fish shaped balloons flying below me.

The current we have here caused by our location in Caribbean, facing the mainland, moves you along the reefs, also giving the impression of flying.  You can put some air in your B.C. to allow yourself to hover, and then just relax and watch the reef go by like a movie.  Some of us refer to Scuba diving here as the lazy man’s sport….which is a great way to increase your air consumption!  It requires much less effort than most other types of diving and with the warm waters (ranging in temperatures from 77-88 degrees F), your body doesn’t require the extra air to

keep it warm.

Animals…I see at least one nurse shark during every dive as well as 2 or 3 Hawksbill Turtles, Eagle Rays, Moray Eels, Lobsters (without the claws) but tremendous in size, crabs, Spotted Drum Fish, Parrot fish, Groupers, Trumpet Fish, I could go on forever!  The size of the fish range from the size of your thumb to the 200+ pound Groupers.  Of course the Eagle Rays are what I believe to be the most amazing fish we see!  With a wingspan as large as 10 feet for some, I always feel like they look like flying table cloths!  And they are so graceful…and tend to stop when they see us along the wall and just hover to check us out…allowing us to check them out!  This habit of their makes them easy targets for underwater

photographers.  I’m usually just hanging out in awe, amazed at how incredible they look…I swear one day my mouth is going to fall open and I’m going to lose my regulator!

When I came to Cozumel to visit during the summer of 2010, I spent 2 weeks

diving and I was able to do some really deep dives (up to 250 feet) and was able

to get a taste of so many of the dive sites that there was just no turning back for me.  The beauty and splendor that I was able to experience underwater made it very easy for me to fall in love with the diving here!  How relaxed my body feels during my drift dives and how warm you are due to the temperature of the water which allow me to dive 12 months out of the year…how while diving, I truly feel as though I don’t have a single care in the world…as though every day should be spent appreciating the beauty of the nature around me…these reasons are why it was very easy for me to call Cozumel my home!  And then there was my favorite fish, Oscar




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    1. UGH! I can’t find him online anywhere!! I don’t know what kind of fish he is…he likes to hover around the edges of the reefs we dive, he’s a little guy, maybe the size of my thumb! And as soon as he sees me watching him…BAM…he’s gone! He darts so fast, he’s gone in a second. Maybe next time we take a camera down, I’ll try to catch him on film for you!


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