Life will only deliver to you exactly what you can handle…so if you’re tough, expect a lot of obstacles to arise in your path.  But in the end, should you succeed in something or obtain or earn something you wanted that you did not have before, then you should certainly be proud of yourself for overcoming those obstacles.  I am not the type of person to complain about my obstacles or even to wear my credentials on my arm…but yet I feel as though by re-telling these stories, I am maybe helping someone who may not have had these things happen to them yet by letting them realize that where there’s a will, there’s a way.  If you really want something, there is always some way to obtain it.  And no one should ever feel defeated!  Or overwhelmed or as though the world has a conspiracy against them or all those things that normally cause people to give up.  Trust me, there’s always a way to figure out a solution to your objective.  So if you have a dream…talk to people who are in the world you want to get to, who live where you want to live…whether it be a different city or state or country and who do what you want to do.  Talk about your obstacles out loud and see if some advice can’t be shared amongst this group of supporters, see if you can’t pick up enough info. to help you make your next move or decision.  Life is defined as the sum of all experiences…overcoming these obstacle in life makes the story you tell later more interesting!