I believe the fog has finally been lifted…

dream theoryA friend once shared with me a perspective on life based on what I’ll call the Dream theory.  From what I understood, it says that we each live our lives…the existence of other people is how they affect our life.  What they do during their lives should have no affect on our own life or the decisions we make.  We should never allow the actions of others to influence our lives because their existence is just as though they are existing in our dream.  We have our goals and our priorities, we make our own choices based on the knowledge we have at the time…but what other people do or say should not change how we feel or how we act.  They are just pawns in our game…representing parts in a play.  But the main event is our life and our own happiness should take center stage.

Many people create a family or a union with another person…does this theory mean that one should forget how meaningful that person is in their main event?  Shouldn’t one always remember how to say Thank you?  Or is that the secret?  The more we have to be thankful for, the more prosperous the universe becomes.  In order to receive, one needs to remember how to give first.  I’ve always heard that in order to love, one must first love them self…in order to be loved, one must reveal them self completely…either to them self or to their partner.  No secrets…is this the definition of love?  Or is love the joining of two like souls…being able to allow those once uncomfortable periods of silence pass without noticing them…being able to relax completely within each other’s arms…while being able to forget all the stresses of your day?

Co5337confusedman_00000005146uld it be that simple?  Or is it not that simple at all, but rather what I’m just now experiencing for the first time because the fog has finally been lifted?  I’ve finally been able to rid my life of the many distractions that used to cloud my vision…the many things that gave me the information needed to cause me to make the right decisions…to ultimately bring me to where I am now.   I had to move halfway across the world in order to discover what is important in the world…and money has nothing to do with it.  That was probably the first thing I learned after leaving NYC…money does not buy happiness so don’t allow it to control your life.  I’d love to say that I hate money…but we all know how important it is to survive.  What I do hate is what it does to other people.  Traits like greed and selfishness all stem from the idea that we need money.  All we need is enough money to exist.

I guess my conclusion for today is…how do I help the world to allow the fog to be lifted from themselves…or are some people just destined to remain confused and distracted…existing in my dream to teach me the possible results of poorly made decisions.  I feel more and more enlightened with every passing year…basing my new decisions on my newly acquired knowledge and experience.  Am I just fortunate enough to be able to consider myself enlightened while I fear for the people around me or is it really just my dream and the people who exist in it are there just to play the roles of those who are uninformed and distracted…making me feel more and more thankful for those in my life who continue to make me feel fulfilled.  Or at least helping to make this continue to be a dream…as opposed to a nightmare.

enlightenedOr should the whole world just become divers…allowing them to find that peace of mind during their dives which can be found no place else!

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  1. You have put a lot of my thoughts into words here, alto better than I can! Divers, or something like it, the whole world should definitely get away for a bit and experience some freedom!


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