Party Time!!!


How do you capture an emotion on film?  That has always been one of my issues with photography…maybe one of the reasons why I’ve always shied away from taking pictures.  If taking pictures of a landscape or a memorable location, I hope that when you view the picture on a later date, you are reminded of the beauty and significance of the location.  But when you are taking pictures at a party…a bachelorette party to be exact, how do you capture the emotion that you were feeling while taking the picture?  I tried including captions, but still it does not help someone who maybe was not have been there to know how it is that we were feeling when the picture was taken.

Last nite I went to a Bachelorette party for a woman who just moved to Mexico to marry a guy she met three years ago while on a cruise who is from Venezuela and who works as the Emcee at Senor Frogs.  They began their love affair online and eventually she began to make a habit out of flying down to Mexico to see him until they were engaged…and as of this time next week, married.  With bureaucratic issues taking control of most situations, our Bachelorette was forced to choose to move to Mexico where the wedding was only shifted to recently when our poor Bachelorette was forced to plan a wedding in like one month’s time!  WOW!  Now how do you capture that emotion in a picture exactly?!?!  Fortunately my other job…next to taking pictures…was bringing something for everyone to drink and while capturing that emotion in a picture may not have been accomplished exactly, I can say that the drinks were a huge hit!To Bree!


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