The City of Lights…went dark.

I sit in my apartment while listening to music and doing laundry in my laundry room with my feet up as I sit at my desk in my office existing in our second bedroom where I keep all my projects and plans…and I think about how unfair the world is.  Two days ago, Paris was attacked.  Why?  Because the newest group of terrorists decided that they needed to throw a proverbial tantrum and give Paris a taste of what few other countries have experienced, for what I believe to be no reason.  And please understand that I do not use these words lightly.  I am aware of the suffering that exists daily in many, many countries across the world.  My issue here though is that the people who were targeted on Friday…the audience of a concert or soccer match…people eating dinner…traveling to local cafes…these people did not deserve to be attacked.  They were just living their lives.  Not much different from the thousands of people who were so badly affected by the attack on the World Trade Center back in 2001…something I was more of a witness to.

We raise our children to be good people…to be able to make educated decisions about all of the things that touch their lives.  What they choose to be when they grow up or where they choose to attend school and where to work in order to pursue their dreams.  When faced with an adversary, we hope that we have trained them well enough for them to be able to choose the right words and behave like the person we want them to be…someone who deserves our respect and adoration…someone who is capable of understanding the plights of all types of people.  But what happens when they are just on an innocent vacation in the City of Lights…wanting to visit one of what I believe to be a Wonder of the World, the Eiffel Tower, but yet they fall victim to these religious fanatics?  Our children were not raised to be disrespectful of anyone else’s beliefs or ideas.  Maybe they would have given these lunatics a few minutes of their time to express their needs, to better understand where their anger is coming from.  But instead, these lunatics robbed them of the chance to help them and instead turned them into their victims.  They’re now statistics who will always be remembered as part of the 139 or so killed on November 13, 2015.

So again, I sit here and watch as all my friends (myself included) post articles about the incident and try to understand this new group of terrorists who is taking the stage from the old groups…names of groups who do not even deserve my mentioning!  Cowards who each killed themselves once their job for the day was completed!  And I ask myself, how can we protect our children from a world that no longer makes any sense?  How do we teach our children to change a world that has really been at war since 2001…whether anyone wants to admit it or not.  Except this war is not against a country or because of a Depression, but instead against a group of people who have no country but who have a warped way of thinking and seem to need to show the Westerners who they are.  Because if they did nothing else, they have certainly gotten our attention.  But instead of maybe obtaining our help in understanding where things for them may have gone wrong, they have created so many more enemies and have killed innocents just to make a statement loud enough for us all to hear.

As we educate our children for the future, maybe one of the things that really needs to be stressed is how violence is never the answer.  That’s not the kind of attention or bang anyone should want to make when it comes to striving for their rights or for what they believe to be just.  Because as Paris finishes cleaning up this horror show that occurred two days, no one will care what the culprits wanted or said or how they felt or how unjust their own lives may have been in comparison to ours.  They will only go down as the homicidal maniacs they were and nothing more.

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