Happy Valentine’s Day…

Do you feel love?  What does love mean to you?  If you are as lucky as I was, you had a mother who loved you unconditionally the way mine did.  But I don’t know that I truly appreciated it until after she was gone.  But is that love sustainable for life?  Is that all the love that we are meant to experience or is that just our first taste of what we should receive?  Maybe a way to show us how unselfishly another human being can feel for someone besides themselves.  Is that truly why I left NYC?  Because I just couldn’t find someone who I could call my life partner because the men in NYC who I dated kept coming off as being self-centered?  Or did I just not know how to appreciate it until after I was truly alone long enough for myself to see what I needed?

Yes, I have friends in NYC…friends with whom I’ve shared so much throughout my life who I am so truly grateful to for all that they have done for me during both happy times as well as during my darker moments.  But I know that those friends supported my leaving NY because they understood that I was on a journey.  And maybe I had been looking for love without realizing it.  Sure, when I was young, a man might buy me flowers…but does that prove love?  I never thought so.  A man may remember my birthday with a gift or a card…but does that prove love?  Eh…the world expects us to do that…spend money to show how much  we care!

As a teacher of young teenagers, I see my students feeling the emotion of what they think is love without knowing what it is that they are looking for.  I hope they wait until they find their true soul mates…however many years that takes.

True love…in my opinion…is just knowing you are not alone.  While no one ever wants to be alone, I tend to see people who are “alone” in relationships all the time.  But true love comes from within…like happiness.  When suddenly you know that you will never walk alone, regardless of how far apart you are, that is true love.

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