Thank you…


To my beautiful friend…

I am sitting at my desk…doing my usual after Friday-afternoon-at-school chores on my computer (marking attendance, homeworks, etc.)…and thinking how weird that whole weekend was when I literally flew up to NY for a minute to share a wedding day with one of my closest and dearest friends.  It was a pleasure for me to be there!  It made me so happy to help this amazing woman prepare (both mentally and physically) for the day she had been planning for over a year.  And as hard as it turned out to be for me to get up there (Ya’ gotta love weather in NY at the beginning of April)…it was just still so easy for me to be there.  It was such a beautiful day (well, not the weather…but no one even noticed it!) and such a beautiful event…to see her join lives with this man she had met and who seems to have completed her life…in more ways than you can imagine.  I always knew that this amazing friend was capable of loving another human…God knows she and I have cared so deeply for each other for so many years (I could have never asked for a better friend during some of the darkest moments in my life)…as well as how I saw her caring for other individuals in her life…but with this man, it’s more of a devotion that I witnessed.  It was a complete union of not just two people but of their lives…and all that came with it.  It was so special and awe-inspiring that I hope that everyone I know who is married also is able to experience that completeness which I saw within them that weekend.  It was almost as though it had already happened and they were just having the wedding as a way of sharing it with all of the people they loved and considered to also be special in both of their lives.  I almost felt humbled by having witnessed something so magical between two people that I have to take pause in my own life and thank my own luck that I was able to be there to share it with them.  I will forever be in their debt for having allowed me to be part of what I believe to be one of the most amazing days in their own lives and hope that our friendship will continue as strongly as ever despite the distance between us.

I will always love you guys and hold a special place in my heart for both of you!

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