Stop the presses…

bankYesterday I had such a bad experience while at the bank that I almost lost control of my temper.  If anyone told me that this had happened to them, I would have shared with them the same advice I will now share with you now.  But why didn’t I think of any of that while I was in the heat of the moment?  Why did I allow myself to get so upset over something that I should have expected?  Why did I allow myself to be exposed to such stupidity to begin with?!?!

In order to properly explain the occurrence and give you context, first everyone must watch this quick video clip:  The Computer Says NO!  

Yesterday, I went to the bank for the 3rd time in the past 2 months to gain assistance in how to fix the app on my phone so that I might be able to see how much money I have in my account without having to go to an ATM and how much I owe on my credit card so I could pay it with my phone.  I knew there’d be a wait, so I brought a book.  I explained to the clueless woman at the door what my issue was, she gave me a slip of paper with a number on it…B428…I look at the board…currently helping B420.  No big deal…I can do this!

Over an hour later, my number comes up.  I’ve been sitting there reading and texting a friend so my phone is about out of battery…but no big deal…it’s my turn.  I enter the special section of the bank where the “professionals” sit at desks and I kindly explain to this woman that I would like to only access my account online since the app on my phone does not work since I started a plan with Telcel.  She tells me that first she needs to access my account through the app on my phone.  Um…but I just explained that “the app does not work on my phone.” Is that confusing?  I’m patient, I can explain again.  She tells me she understands what I’m saying but that in order to make it so that I can access the account on the computer, first she needs to access it using the app on the phone.

Am I on Candid Camera?  What part of “the app on my phone does not work” is still confusing to you?  I explain that she needs to do something on her end to fix the app…she tells me first she needs to access my account with the app on my phone.  “Hmmmm…”  Ok, let’s play the same game here that I played in my house…where I enter my debit card number in along with my pin and my CVC code and I receive a link that leads me to repeat the same process.  We do this, I show the woman how the process is repeating the same thing over and over again…her response?  Oh, that happens to everyone, do it again.  What do you mean, do it again?  Enter the info. again.

education_iconI don’t consider myself to be extremely intelligent…certainly not genius material…but am I missing something?  I remain patient, I breath…I do it again, I enter the data and am once again sent the link that leads me to repeat the process AGAIN.  I haven’t lost my patience yet…I show the woman…and she laughs and says, “Yes, that happens to everyone, do it again.”

At this point I’ve been at the bank for over an hour and a half, I’m looking at this woman whose job it is, in my opinion, to help me with my issues and she actually thinks this is funny.  Can someone please explain to me how wasting over 90 minutes of my life to NOT obtain a solution to a problem could possibly be considered to be funny?!?!  I lost it.  I accused this woman of being rude, unprofessional and I stormed out.  I felt so insulted by this exchange and swear I will close my accounts as a result of it.  How could an institution such as a bank possibly be allowed to hire what I can’t help myself but refer to an absolute idiot to work in a position that is in charge of what happens with my money?

I storm all the way home…my face is literally red by the time I get home…I’m starving yet I can’t even eat due to the frustration and anger I still feel in my stomach.  There are tons of people in the world who are unemployed and who can’t find jobs and yet, this laughing baffoon is employed at a bank!  I can’t understand that.  She sits there and finds my inability to get this app to work comical…I was beside myself.

Once calm, I went to my phone, deleted the app and downloaded a new one…with a different logo and name…which I successfully got to work.  No need to go to the bank for assistance.  Maybe that’s what I should have done to begin with…and probably something I would have told a friend to do without going to the bank at all.  WOW! Lesson learned!


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