Warriors Welcome!

Ugh!  So my gym is closed indefinitely!  It seems as though somehow the power lines to the entire complex were cut…how does that happen?!?!.  (Sorry, but only in Mexico!)  Anyway, I still need to get my exercise, rain or shine…and my dog still needs his exercise as well!  What to do…what to do?!?!

It also seems as though I live by this huge pyramid…maybe some of you know it because I’ve mentioned it or featured it in a pic in an earlier blog…14900402_10154661420379049_583919433105572663_nanyway, in addition to it being the largest based pyramid in the world and a beautiful backdrop for a sunset, it’s also a great source of exercise!  I’ve walked it a million times during my 3 1/2 years here, though usually with a friend and not necessarily to count my steps.  And anytime, we walk it, we always say we’ll do it twice…and then we get distracted or the dog gets exhausted…and we don’t make it.


Anyway, today @4:00, the time when I do usually take Bowie out to play, it began to pour!!  It was as though the sky just opened up and I couldn’t even see past the parking lot outside.  Needless to say, Bowie was not a happy puppy after that!  I was able to finish the task I had been working on and wasn’t too concerned about the rain.  Until maybe 6:00, I see that Bowie is chasing his tail…meaning he has way too much energy to contain himself.  The rain had stopped so I decided to take him to the pyramid!

I put my hiking boots on, thinking I’d probably run into some mud and possibly more rain…and we hit the street!  As we neared the pyramid, it crossed my mind that there probably was not going to be any soccer matches or basketball games going on at the base of the pyramid tonight or many children playing in the playground…which might severely cut back on the traffic…something really good when Bowie is concerned since he has made it his mission in life to bark at every moving vehicle that has a tire on it!  (I swear one day he is going to scare the shit out of some passing bicyclist and cause a serious accident!)

As we get to the pyramid and I begin to take Bowie up the steep staircase to reach the top (so steep that from the bottom, if you look up, you’d think you were looking at a wall and not a staircase!), I see that there are a BUNCH of people actually doing drills.  Running up and down the same staircase.  Tonight there were no tourists or visiting relatives from out of town who wanted to take a pic from the top…

no, today was only for those warriors who get their exercise routine in…no matter what!  Rain or shine!  Some with mud to their knees!  I really felt as though this was more of a spiritual voyage for Bowie and I as we played witness to something I had not expected to find on the streets (or pyramid) of San Andres Cholula!  But I can tell you that it made me so proud to live here, surrounded by so many people…SO MANY…whose only concern was to stay in shape, no matter what!  Amen to that!

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