Quote feedback…I want to hear from you!

As I am unveiling the new style of my blog today…

I’m also looking for feedback on this quote:

“This disposition to find something beautiful or useful in what is disgusting, favoring the small positive detail in a negative.”

También estoy buscando comentarios sobre esta cita:

“Esta disposición a encontrar algo hermoso o útil en lo que es asqueroso, favoreciendo el pequeño detalle positivo en un gran todo negativo.”

Please reply with your feelings in the box below!  



2 thoughts on “Quote feedback…I want to hear from you!

Add yours

  1. Well, I understand what it says though it sounds incomplete as a sentence, structurally speaking. As I understand it it just means that there is something to be gleaned, something positive or at least worthwhile, from even a bad thing or negative situation.

    I don’t think it means ‘the silver lining behind the cloud’ or even suggests ‘look at the bright side’ That all sounds polyanna-ish to me. My takeaway is that often there is some valuable takeaway whatever the situation.

    As far as feedback, well, the only feedback that matters is if it help[s YOU


    1. I think you’re right in it meaning one’s ability to take something positive out of everything negative. (And it may be structurally incomplete because it was originally in Spanish and my translation may not be very good…sorry.) I say all the time that it’s my ability at seeing life as a glass that’s half full instead of half empty that makes me so positive. Maybe the same general idea?


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