Direct Instruction…

Is it true that we all need to be told to be more positive?  Do we really need to be told how to look for the good in people and things before becoming so negative?  Why is it easier to put something down?  (“I don’t like her because…” or “That doesn’t taste like how I like it.”  or “It’s too hot/cold outside.”)  Why can’t we just wake up in the morning, assess the day and those around us and then just deal with it?

Why do we, as humans, always find it easier to put things down?  Is it a human condition kind of thing?  Where it’s just easier to put things down because then we are allowed to feel superior to that person or thing or condition?  Or do we need those conditions in our lives in order to excuse ourselves from being at our A-game normally?  Example:  “Well I would have been in a better mood today had the weather been warmer…my breakfast tasted better…had I not tripped over the morning paper.”  But what about the guy who was happy with the weather today?  Had it been warmer, to make you happy, then wouldn’t that have made him unhappy or dissatisfied with the weather conditions of the day and then we would not be able to expect him to be on his A-game today?  Hmmmmm….

Direct-Instruction-flagHow about…no matter what the weather is like…you do a good job today!  Or who you have to sit next to at work or deal with in order to get through your tasks of the day…you still produce an A-game!  And what if, no matter what goes wrong, you just smile and think about how funny it will be when you tell your spouse or boyfriend or girldfriend or friends about it later?  How about being grateful that there’s food on the table…instead of claiming it to be inferior to what you had really wanted to eat today?  Or am I getting too deep for some of you?

How about…even better…when we wake up in the morning…we make the decision…before even getting out of bed…that today we are going to be happy and we are going to flip the script…we are NOW going to find positive things about the people around us..instead of reasons for why they annoy your piss you off.  Let’s stop concentrating on the negative and how we can put people down and just move on…let’s imagine how much nicer the day would flow.  Let’s concentrate on what is positive about all the people around us and the various scenarios we witness and participate in everyday.

If for no other reason than to say “Thank you!” to the Universe for putting people like that in your path so that you can better appreciate who you are, where you are from and where you are going.  “Thank you for showing me that the decisions I have made for my own life are so much better for me…maybe not for everyone, but definitely better for me!”  And that is what we have to be positive and happy about today…if nothing else!  I’d make that deal if I’ve had a bad week so far!  Anything to see a different perspective…anything to convince myself that maybe things could be worse and maybe…just maybe…we do have a LOT of be grateful for and that’s enough of a reason to get out of bed with a smile on our faces!  Done!

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