He followed us all the way home!

“It’s going to rain all week!” a good friend told me yesterday.  Ugh!  But I have things to do…people to see…errands to run!  Like today I want to go to the shoemaker to get my bike accessory fixed (I don’t really know what you call it) and then to the tailor to pick up the item I dropped there the other day!  I feel trapped when it’s raining out and I have stuff to do!

But no fear…it stopped raining around 5:30 and I still should take Bowie out for a walk…so off to the shoemaker (bike accessory in hand) we go!  I mean, I have an umbrella, what could possibly happen?  Well, I can tell you that at that time, the traffic on my street is insane!  So, Bowie, who is NOT a fan of cars (or wheels for some reason), has a fit between here and the shoemaker.  Barking at every car, truck, moto and bicycle we pass!  Fabulous!  I swear that my right arm is now three inches longer than my left!

And meantime, we’re halfway there and I’m thinking…why did I think this was a good idea?!?!  But, just like me, I’m also thinking there must be a reason for this trip!  So, we make it to the shoemaker, I make a deal with my friendly shoemaker and agree to return the next day to retrieve my bike accessory and off we go…back to the apt.

We are about a block into our journey home when I realize that something behind us is occupying the attention of Bowie.  I glance over my shoulder to see that there is a dog that has won Bowie’s attention.  I tell Bowie, “No!” and keep walking, and normally this is enough for either Bowie to get the idea or the other dog to see that he’s got no luck in finding a new playmate.

We keep going…the streets there are narrow, there’s now tons of traffic, cars honking as I find I’m now dragging poor Bowie who has decided to walk backwards to better keep an eye on who he believes to be his new paisano.  We get through the streets to the open area where I normally cross a super wide street to get to the other side of this huge intersection so that Bowie and I can walk home on the other side of the highway that runs in front of my apt complex…it’s prettier on that side, the sidewalk is wider and plus there isn’t as much traffic on that side.  I figure we’ll lose this new comrade of Bowie’s because there’s no way he’ll make it across this 4-lane street to keep up with us!  Plus, he seemed preoccupied with the dumpster he spotted outside of McDonald’s.

So Bowie and I run across this huge street and walk through the little garden, around the statue and across the path to come out on the other side…only for me to turn around and see this dog was still with us.  Now, please understand, I never felt threatened by this dog, regardless that he was three times the size of Bowie.  He just seemed friendlier and plus, his right front leg was visibly broken and had healed crooked.  Though he didn’t seem to be in pain since he was walking on it.  So we continued walking…

I’m still thinking he’s eventually going to get bored of us…I mean Bowie is cute, but he’s definitely not in the right “size” category for this other dog, who is also a male and I’m thinking since he’s obviously not so hungry to have eaten Bowie yet, then he must just be looking for a pastime for a minute until he gets tired and then will return to his own “hood.”  Our next stop is to cross the foot bridge that passes over the highway and, for some reason, I just couldn’t imagine that this dog was going to follow us up two flights of stairs to cross over…

As we continue walking, I do notice how good this dog is at checking for traffic as we cross the streets and how courteous he seems to be to both Bowie and I as he almost waits for us to pass before passing between bushes and such.  But that just must be my imagination, right?  Anyway, we get to the foot bridge and Bowie and I run up the stairs and when we get to the top, I turn around to see what the other dog did.  I see him still at the bottom running around in a circle, maybe not used to stairs, unsure of how to climb them or what we’re doing or where we’re going.  No worries, that’s fine, then he can just go home.

We cross the foot bridge and I look down as we get to the end and I see that the dog is actually crossing the highway.  OMG!  I couldn’t even look!  No wonder he has a broken leg, he’s absolutely fearless!

I look down again, as we are now running down the stairs on this side of the foot bridge, and I see that our new friend has made it across the highway…except he must have thought we were going in the other direction because he turned left and ran away…and that was it.  As Bowie and I walked the 10 meters to our apt, Bowie turned and barked in his direction, maybe telling him, “Hey, we live over here!” But I never saw him again…

I now sit here and feel terrible for him…I have actually checked the window twice for him…poor thing!  He needs someone to take a look at his leg and to feed him.  Ok…I also just went downstairs to look for him and brought some food down for him.  I mean, if he’s still there, I could feed him and if he’s still there tomorrow I can call my vet and have him come and pick him up.  I mean, my vet comes to pick up Bowie when he needs a bath and his shots, why not this guy too! Right? Except, he wasn’t there.  I looked down the street, at the foot bridge where we parted paths…and he wasn’t there either and I whistled and called to see if maybe he was close, he’d smell the food I brought him!  But he never came.

2017-02-16 09.32.37He was as though his only job for today was to accompany us home…nada mas.  Bowie is looking for him, though.  I can tell he feels bad that he let his new friend turn in the wrong direction after having taken his life into his own hands when he crossed that treacherous highway just to remain Bowie’s companion!  Maybe we’ll find him again when I return to the shoemaker to pick up my bike accessory!  Not that I have room for another dog…I think maybe my apt building could at least use a watch dog!  I just need to tell him about his new job…and hope that he is interested!  Everyone needs to feel needed, right?  Even dogs!


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