Perfection…or Magic*!?

Today I was able to catch up with an old friend of mine…well not old, she’s younger than me by many years…rather a friend who I have always felt was like my sister…someone I truly adore to the bottom of my heart…so someone I will be friends with until we are both very old!  And she will always be my beautiful sunshine!

And we caught up after not having spoken for a few weeks…she has recently been married to someone who is a very lucky man…she’s beginning a new profession for herself (something I think she will really enjoy doing)…we caught up with me filling her in on what was new in my life…work, play, men, vacations, etc., etc. when she said that it all sounded “perfect“!

What?!?!  Perfect?  (I feel like I’ve blogged about this common misnomer in the past.)  Don’t we all know that there is no such thing as perfect?  While I reassured her that I am extremely happy, I also explained that the reason I am so happy is because I had the guts (balls/cojones/huevos, etc.) to do something about the life I used to have a year ago.  And while I keep swearing I had not been “unhappy” back then, when I look at my life now, I want to kick myself in the ass for having forgotten how happy I can be.  And how magical that experience had been for me!

So why Magical?  Well, Magic is like referring to that leap of faith we all have to take when we walk away from the Devil we know to venture into the unknown.  And sometimes all we know is where we’ve been and “SHIT! Where am I going?  What am I thinking? What am I doing?”  Do I ever ask myself these questions?  Well, if you know my life, you’d know that I never ask myself those questions.  Why?  Because I believe in the Magic of the Universe.  That nothing would end up on my doorstep unless it was there for a reason.  Whether it be to teach me a lesson…remind me of the life I don’t want…suggest the life I might want…or remind me how it feels to make love like I’m 25 again!

To me, that magic makes my life worth living.  I never know what’s around the next corner…I never have and I never will.  But I’ve always ended up back on the horse with the reins in my hand.  And all I can do is be true to myself and my desires and continue to follow my own internal rules (which many believe are way out there and that I push the limits more than I should be allowed)…but I still follow my own rule book and I’m ok with that.  So is that perfection?  No!  I believe in the Voyage to Ithaca where, when you meet your destiny, it means that it’s all over…case closed…life is complete.  So I never want to find perfection because that would mean the end to it all.

Instead, I am perfectly happy…extremely happy…living in this state of bliss that I find myself in right now where I have a lot of reasons to smile and very few to get upset about.  And the magic to life is being able to outweigh the bad with the good…to concentrate on what makes us happy and brings a smile to our faces!  I love my life…and while I always have…I do recognize that I’ve had my moments of unhappiness/stress and disappoitnment.  But I’d just like to say that I’ve never let them ruin my day/week/month/year.  I’ve just made unconscious decisions that have lead me towards a direction very different than where I was so that one day I wake up…and I sense a magic has returned to my  step and a light to my eye that I had missed.


So go look in the mirror…go on…do you see your magical light?  It should be in your eye.  If it’s not there anymore…then make some changes.  Those changes may just need to be made within, though…not necessarily to where you live/work/eat or with whom.  Try that change before uplifting your whole life in search of what’s been in your backyard the whole time!  (Readers of The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho will understand that reference…those who didn’t, follow that link to read the 10 Powerful Life Lessons taught by that book.)  The most powerful change you can make is to yourself and until that happens, it makes no difference where you are…that’s just geography.  Remember, happiness doesn’t have a zip code.

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