Next stop? Nobody knows!

Life really can be magical!  And I don’t know what needs to happen or what we, as humans, need to do in order to make it so, but I can tell you that life really can be so amazing.  I want to just run a few things by you that might amaze you or just make you laugh!  From the little things in life that make you go “hmmm…” not as C+C Music Factory sang it…(WOW!  That video really was so 1991!)…but rather other things that force us to think that it’s really all connected.

For example, starting with the little things…I’m sure none of you know this, but the last 3 digits of my personal cell phone number here in Mexico are the same as the first 3 digits of the phone number I grew up with.  That’s a number each of us probably have branded in our own personal memories that we will never forget.  That number your mother made you memorize before she would even allow you to run next door to play with a friend at age 5!  So it’s ironic that my number here should end with those same digits…like life has brought me full circle.

Another similar coincidence I just experienced might make you go “hmmm” as well.  Like we all have our first phone number memorized, many of us also may have our first street address memorized as well.  Mine was in Bklyn,NY where my address was 1115-50th Street.  Now for relevance… So yesterday, I was granted an extension with my company, the one that graciously hired me to be a virtual assistant for them about a year ago and for whom I am really enjoying working for.  Anyway…my point…my extension with them is now 1115!  Crazy!  Right?

I had thought so!  Other funny…or rather…ironic things…

For this same company, I perform admin tasks that include preparing and setting up emails to go out to as many as 11k of my client’s customers.  What the emails are about is essentially irrelevant for my job.  My job is to make sure that the images line up, are connected to the URL’s dealing with or for whom we’re promoting an event, that the spelling and grammar are correct and that they go out on time.  But, of course, I read these emails and newsletters…if for no other reason but just out of curiosity.  (I really resonate with two of my clients who are around the same age as myself and who are really self-made women who I “get.”

Anyway…again my point…The other day, for those who are avid readers of my blog, then you must have read my entry entitled It Goes Both Ways… which coincidentally was based on the same theme that both of these women also wrote about to their lists totally 20k customers!  How many people can say that they share those kinds of inner thoughts with their clients?  How many can say that they have that much in common with the people they work with, that we are all thinking and manifesting the same messages to our own little realms?

Today, with one of my customers, we started a more personal conversation, with me sharing my blog theme with her and us both saying how awesome it is to be working together.  The conversation went in one direction or another and it got me to be thinking about a lot of different aspects in my own life…doors closing while others are opening.  Me feeling freer of my past more now than I have in a long time.  Me realizing that everything really does happen for a reason and how lucky I am that I really do focus my attention on the future and what life has in store for me, or rather, where it may be headed.  I can’t dwell on the past.  It’s so boring (and dangerous) to keep your eyes on your rear view mirror while driving towards an unknown destination.  And so much more fun and exciting to keep your eyes focused on what lays before us.

No one could be more excited than I am for what I have planned in both my near future as well as my more long-term future.  My plans include a few flights up to the States as well as a few concerts (I know, my life can really suck at times) that will keep me busy and entertained until mid-October.  Then I am excitedly looking forward to a new relationship I have begun which has been keeping me smiling all the time.  Plus I may be able to buy myself a new car come 2018! (Well, not new, just new for me because I don’t presently own it…Hahaha!)

Railroad stationIn conclusion, I guess what I’m trying to say is…as soon as we focus on the future, rather than dwell on the past, life opens up like a flower with so many possibilities laid out in front of us.  We can’t change the past, we can’t un-ring those bells or un-dirty those waters.  All we can do is learn from it and ride on and hope that the next stop along the way will be as charmed as we hope it to be.  But don’t lose faith, those charmed stations are waiting for us all!

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