Where were we at the time?

I have got to share with you how absolutely ecstatic I am about my upcoming weekend!  I am about to travel to San Miguel de Allende to share two days with one of my favorite people in the world.  But, you know me, I first have to give you context…

As many of my readers know, after having lived in NYC for 35 years,  I left to live in Cozumel for three years, where I had thought I was going to be the token American dive instructor…only 4 months into it, to discover that I could do that, so long as I had no problems spending half my time bartending at Carlos n Charlie’s in order to earn money to pay my bills.   Hahaha!

Initially, I had been nervous about taking on such a career change but I ended up crossing paths with some of the most amazing women I would have never known…had this fact not been true about my economic circumstances at the time.  Women who each showed me a different perspective on an aspect of life I had thought I already knew about.  Women who will remain in my heart forever and ever, and whom I consider to be like the members of my family I was just never given.  My relationship with each of them altered my life forever and, based on the relationship I now have with friends I’ve had since before Cozumel, I can tell you that I will never be the same woman I was who met them almost 7 years ago.

But we were each in Cozumel for only a minute…some for less than a year and some for longer in total than the 3 years I spent there…but we were each there for different reasons…and I’m pretty sure we each walked away from Cozumel with different memories than what we had envisioned for ourselves when we landed there.  But I’d like to think that we each walked away from Cozumel with good memories of times shared…though I can’t remember who was there when.

When I left, I left one of my more favorite friends there…and it is this woman, who eventually also left Cozumel to return up north, who will be visiting family a short 6 hour drive from where I am now and where I will be taking 2 buses to meet her! When we realized how possible this was last week, I can tell you that I was crying out of excitement (and I am pretty sure she was too).  To me, she has always represented one of the stronger women I’ve ever met in my life.  Someone who I know is searching for love and seems to have had such bad luck with it…but someone who has been gifted with two of the most AMAZING children I have ever had the honor to meet…who I can’t wait to see on Saturday!

This beautiful woman, who refers to me as the traveling warrior (I can’t imagine why) is one of the only people in the world who I have shared some of my most intimate fears and concerns with over the years, since we’ve last seen each other…almost four years ago!!  But someone who always brings a smile to my face with her dry, sarcastic, witty humor that is as real as I have always been.  She is someone who I think I probably respect most because she has never been afraid to be completely authentic with herself and then laughs about it all with me.

It’s one thing if you are able to recognize what’s missing in your life…or see that there are serious red flags occurring in a relationship, but it’s hardest to admit them to yourself as well as to someone else…like some crazy American girl who dreams of being a mermaid so then ends up selling shots to American tourists to pay her rent!  (God, I was so IN LOVE with mermaids and that being my destiny, I had a 15 inch tattoo of one put on the outside of my right thigh!  Hahaha!)  That’s how convinced I was that I was following my destiny…and with me, she found comfort in sharing who she also knew she was and where her life had taken her!  Something I’ve always considered to be the biggest compliment paid to me, up to that point in my life and since!

I’ve recently fallen in love with a new TV show called Gypsy with Naomi Watts which is filled with tons of sexual innuendos and one-liners, which I love!  Once of which I have to share:

“People say being alone is the scariest thing in the world.  

Lying to yourself is far worse.”

That’s what is so true about so many things in life…it does not matter what other people think of you…what matters is what you think of yourself, based on the truth…which only you know!  I find that some of the people I have known in life like to complain…they are not positive about their lives (where they’ve been or where they are at the moment)…and they seem to find such pleasure in sharing the negative aspects of everything going on around them.  And they don’t find it funny…if anything, they feel as though it gives them the right to have a HUGE chip on their shoulder…giving them the right to share their misery with everyone within earshot.

Wow!  To me…life is too short to complain!  I say, better to spend that time owning up to what it is that you’ve done to land you in this shit storm you currently call life…and then figure your way out of it!  Trust me, no one who is listening to you bitch, no one is going to give you a road map out of it.  You need to be honest with yourself about who you are and what you have done that may have lead you to where you are today…then you need to find your way out.

I can tell you that this amazingly, beautiful friend of mine…who I will see in only four days…will agree with me as I say that.  Stop wasting time raining on your own parade…instead, get back on the horse and jog on, my fellow, fierce warrior!  Because we get it, shit happens!  It’s a fact of life and do you know what?  Life is not fair!  What can we do about it?  Absolutely nothing!  The only thing we can do is roll with the punches…so when life comes along and throws a storm in your path, take out your umbrella!  And remember, no one is going to throw you a hand or a rowboat because the world only knows how to smile while you smile…but turns their back when the clouds come out.

I now salute the fellow warriors I’ve known in my life…you know who you are…I owe you a lifetime of gratitude!  xoxoxoxo!

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