And today, I travel…

10-Common-Travel-Mistakes-You-Can-AvoidCurrently, as many of you know, I live in Mexico, so while traveling to the States to visit, I have to mix with both Americans and Mexicans as well as any other foreigner located in the city I am traveling from to either visit or return to the States  As many of you know, since January, there’s been this nut job living in the White House, calling himself the President of the United States, who upsets me more than you can imagine…forcing me to frequently be ashamed of my native country.  Wanting to hide under the bed every time I see a Vice News video of these “Americans” behaving so stupidly in public!  (And I do not use that word lightly.)  I am ashamed that they come from the same country that gave my family a chance many years ago to find a better life for themselves and ultimately for their families when they immigrated to the States from their native towns that were starving under a collapsed economy.

While not so proud to currently be of American heritage, I am still very proud of the education I received while living in the States…most notably, New York City.  The empathy I was taught to appreciate where people come from, without judging them.  (What’s the expression?  Walk a mile in a man’s shoes before trying to understand his actions, and then walk another mile.)  I know that we are not all as knowledgeable about everything in the world (like how would I know how to cook good Greek food?!?!) but I’m appreciative and generous with what I do know about and willing to share it with others (like I make a mean lasagna), so long as they were willing to share with me as well.

I also have learned, with much hard work, to not hate anyone.  Regardless of what their crime against me may have been, or even against anyone else, my mother always taught me that their punishment was that they can no longer be friends with me, so that’s their loss.  And those who I can’t avoid, don’t worry, karma is a bitch…what comes around goes around and whether I’m there to see it or not, everyone always eventually receives their punishment in life.  Just let it go, walk away and live your life, happier, without them in it.  Rest assured that there is a special place in hell waiting for people just like them.

I believe that we all have the right to think and feel about anything we want to…and while I never scored high on the diplomacy charts, I did learn when to keep my mouth shut to save someone from possibly feeling bad…I never intentionally hurt anyone’s feelings.  I am sure that I’ve done or said things that have maybe made people feel uncomfortable, but I believe that’s the beauty of my habit of always speaking the truth about how I feel about what is happening around me.  But nothing has ever been said out of hate or malice…and as hard as it may be, I work really, really hard not to hate anyone.

And then I travel…  Granted I do keep blinders on…I avoid people who I know to be blithering idiots who just talk shit because they think they can just because they’re American.  So, the red neck who sat down next to me in the Harley Davidson shirt with the sleeves cut off to show off his confederate flag tattoo, still left me stunned…especially since I had not even left Mexico City yet!!  But I can tell you that me and my high heels no longer needed to sit and rest my feet when I could just walk away and stab myself in the eye with a pencil…a preferred task to even giving this dude the time off my watch!   No worries, I’m boarding my plane…and damned if he doesn’t catch up to me as I am boarding the plane to ask me some stupid ass question…assuming, of course, that I was American and spoke his language…and gave a shit about anything he had to say.  Ugh!  No problems…we weren’t seated next to each other…he disappeared.

I get comfortable in my seat, which happened to be the row behind the emergency exit seat rows…which I believe cost more money for the added leg room, right?  Anyway, the stewardess, this real pip of a blond woman (who I would bet has never had an orgasm in her life!) begins to explain to the 12 passengers seated in those rows that they are seated in emergency exit rows and that she needs a verbal confirmation from each of them that they are willing to help the other passengers, should there be an emergency.

Now because I was seated behind them, I could not see the passengers…or the looks/expressions on their faces…but it must have seemed as though a few of them must have looked confused or distressed when she asked them, in English, if they spoke English.  I guess she figured that a few of them did not.  She literally stomped away like someone had just stolen her teddy bear.  Seriously?!?!

She came back with someone from the gate in Mexico City, who spoke Spanish and who went seat-to-seat to determine who in fact did not speak English…walked away when the blonde came back, walking down the aisle, asking for 6 volunteers, who spoke English, to please switch seats with the 6 men who did not speak English and were currently sitting in the Emergency exit rows. Am I missing something?  How rude is that?!?!  These poor men were forced to get up, all with their heads down in shame, to switch seats with an English Speaker, who according to this blonde stewardess, would be more capable of helping people during their emergency.  OMG!  I wanted to crawl under my seat and die!

7953aef0d7439cf4d26d89a4f198afa9Now I don’t have anything against blonds, per se…but with her hair pulled back in a low pony tail, parted on the side, without a hair out of place…like a real polished-patty…I must say, I wanted to smack her in the face and tell her to play nice with everyone in the playground…as I messed up her hair!

Obviously, I did not do that…though I did speak to my two neighbors, in Spanish, to ask them if they agreed that language was a pre-requisite to helping people.  We all got a laugh out of that!  I think I just really need to not only continue to improve my Spanish, but also to forget a lot of my English.  Then there may be less opportunities for me to feel the need to defend my neighbors against these ignorant Americans who just put their foot in their mouth.  (I’m sure that the blond is probably spitting in my coffee right now…though I’m pretty sure she doesn’t understand Spanish.)

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