Why can’t we all just get along?

So critical!  What right does anyone have to be as critical as the world has become?  Why does anyone feel as though the way they are is superior to the way someone else is?  At this point, I feel like we all come from some sort of dysfunction…whether that be our families, a past relationship or friendship or where we grew up.  I certainly did not grow up in any form of Pleasantville but I can tell you that in my opinion, it was so much more fun!

We all have reasons for why we are the way we are…and trust me, no one…NO ONE… knows how our lives would be had any of those reasons not existed.  Some say that I moved to Mexico to follow my dream…to become the mermaid I had always dreamed of being while I’m sure that there are others who may believe that I was running away from myself.  (Even I think that sometimes…God knows the damage I did to myself during the last few years I was living in NYC.)  And the whole f’ing world has the right to have an opinion about how or why I did what I did…though none of them matter to me at all except for my own.

So to those who feel as though they’ve gained the right to share with me their opinions of my life or my intentions, do me a favor and keep them to yourself.  Along with your opinions of everyone else’s lives.  I have my own opinions, believe me!  But when it comes to criticizing someone for why they may have chosen a certain path in their lives, I keep it to myself.  The only advice I share with anyone is how they might feel moving forward.  How to help them improve, maybe not their state in life, but rather their own perspective or opinions of their own lives.

When I make impulsive decisions, I do try to step back and take everyone and everything involved into consideration but I have to admit that sometimes the funnest part of my life is remembering how to catch my balance after having taken a leap of faith that no one can believe I was capable or willing to take to begin with.  I’m really good at getting up, brushing myself off and moving on.  So maybe that’s why I keep kicking the horse to make it throw me on my face.  Because I need a new challenge or objective for the next 6 months and dusting myself off and starting a new life has always had such charm in my opinion…so I guess, here goes!

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