Just a fleck on my map…

Ugh!  I just had such a difficult day!  I had a terrible call with a client that almost made me feel like a rookie in my own profession!  The best part of my day…and usually how I end most of them…was how I was able to vent about it to my cuz.  And what is so great about our joint therapy sessions we have each day is that we tend to laugh our asses off as we vent about them.  By the time I had gotten out all of the things that had happened during this call that had gotten me upset, I had tears running down my face from having laughed so hard about it.

Then we went running around the soccer field as we watched the sun set behind the volcano which created this amazing shot!  ^3298684158EA74A908A50DAA19C2C2DBD08B02E98535230F4E^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrAnd I say to myself, what about my day was so bad?  It was able to end with me witnessing this amazingly intense and beautiful creation created purely by nature.  I say to myself, I am so lucky to have a job that pays my bills and keeps a roof over my head and feeds me everyday.  I am so lucky to be able to live pain-free without holding onto my past the way I used to.  I am able to lay my head down at night without a care in the world as I am so easily able to drift off to sleep.

And what was it that got me so upset that once I had vented about it, it had turned into just a joke among good friends?  Why was I so upset about not having been able to know something I had never done before?  Why was I so disappointed in myself because I had walked away from that meeting feeling like I had been caught out there when it wasn’t about my having done something wrong, but rather why I had not spent the time figuring something out that I had not even realized needed to be figured out.  (Maybe had the meeting not been at 9:30 in the morning, I would have eventually figured it out.)

crystal-ball-ss-1920-800x450We live another day and we can set super high standards for ourselves or we can just accept ourselves for the way we are…not necessarily ignorant and blissful, but rather doing our jobs the way we have always done them.  (Clearly the batteries in my crystal ball were dead this morning when I had not determined that my client would have wanted me to bill her for the time it may have taken me to figure out the fact there are two ways to complete a task, instead of the way I had always done it.)

Regardless, once given the chance to vent about it, while that meeting had begun as a huge boulder on shoulders, by the time I was finished talking about it…I realized that the incident as well as the client are both just a fleck on my map.  And no reason for me lose any sleep about it.  Granted I have replaced the batteries to my crystal ball and I also promise to have a big cup of coffee before my next meeting with this client…not to find myself caught out there again.  But in the end, it really is just based on our own perspectives on our own lives.

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