Self Reflection…

Yesterday I was super busy, buried in the constructing of a huge marketing campaign online.  I keep an alert to tell me that it is 3:00 on Monday for me to step away and run to the Mercado to buy my groceries and be home with plenty of time to complete a task for a client that must begin at 5:00.  When my alarm went off, I grabbed my keys and ran to the market.  But on the way there, I notice in what a bad mood I was in.  Why was I so upset?

cranky-pantsI couldn’t figure it out.  I considered the fact that I was thirsty and I drank a bottle of water…did I forget something at home before I left?  I was pleasant enough with the women who I always buy my fruits and vegetables and chicken from.  One in particular, the chicken lady, I don’t see her every week so we caught up a bit in Spanish.  But as I was driving home, I was still in a bad mood.  Wasn’t I happy?  Didn’t I love the people in my life?  My plans to go running with my cuz this evening or do my yoga at home?  Did I find my dog to be particularly unhappy when I left which may have left me in a bad mood?  Nope, he was as silly when I got home as he normally is.

The weather was as beautiful as ever as I drove home…the people on the street were as amicable as ever…with one particular man who sells fresh coffee in plastic bags, seriously not understanding why I never buy coffee from him.  Something that actually makes me laugh!  (I don’t know why…)  There wasn’t even any traffic!  hqdefault

I make it home, I bring my stuff upstairs, I am in my kitchen looking around…OMG!  I never had lunch or coffee!  That was why I was in a bad mood…Hahaha!  Off the bakery for a fresh empanada with chicken and rajas (don’t know how to say it in English).  All better!  That and a good joke and I’m good to go!  Sometimes we make ourselves so crazy when it comes to being in a bad mood.  I’ve always been able to self-reflect enough to be able to figure out why I’m upset.  Whether it be money or relationships issues, once given a few minutes I can usually tell what is bothering me.

But sometimes it’s physical and there really is nothing wrong at all.  Sometimes we just need to remember to take care of ourselves in order to stop ourselves from naturally having a low blood sugar that might cause us to become cranky.  Everyone who grew up with me has always been able to know when it’s feeding time for me based on my natural crankiness.  Crazy when work keeps me so preoccupied that I completely forget myself!

LunchBoxAnyway, I’m so glad that I did and that today, after my normal fresh fruit juice and toasted tortilla cheese melt with avocado and green salsa, I am good to go, back in the pleasant mood that will take me through the rest of my day!  (I just have to remember to eat around 2!)

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