Did I actually do this right?

To bring context to this post, I’m going to tell you about how it was inspired.  As many of you know, I work for a company who gives me clients who require me to perform certain online tasks in order to assist them in running their businesses online.  These tasks require that I use a whole host of applications I had never even heard of until about 2 years ago…but which allow me to perform tasks that are really interesting.  Recently, a client asked that I take recordings of her 5 weeks of calls and edit them out to eliminate the identities of the callers as well as their locations.  These calls start out at around an hour and 45 minutes and begin with the client talking about how to find the perfect relationship and then she takes 5 or 6 calls which is really where I need to start paying attention in order to ensure that no caller or their location is identified, and if they are, to edit that part of the audio track out.

Tips-image2I do need to listen to the whole recording though…which means having to listen to about an hour of the client doing her “thing”!  I have now listened to three weeks worth of her advice.  Don’t get me wrong…a tip to be able to be successful at my job, is to not get too involved in what it is that they are marketing…my clients have included spiritual advisors, sex coaches, management consultants, Psychotherapists of a different flavor as well as Psychics who swear they can see the future for each of us.  As I said…I take it all with a grain of salt and just do my job.

Well, this woman is a bit different.  Don’t get me wrong, she still sounds like she’s totally stoned during her introduction speech, but for some reason, I internalized what she was advising her followers to do today.  As I mentioned, she talks about how to get out there to find your soulmate.  Hmmmm…interesting concept, no?

She advises people to join online dating sites, saying that men are different today than they used to be.  They no longer approach women in public arenas anymore…fearing that the woman is already with someone and would just reject them.  Her advice is for her followers to get on one of those sites just to see what they find…giving the site the ability to weed them out for these overly-sensitive women (who make up her specific market).

As I’m listening to this, I’m thinking, “Wow, that’s kind of what I did a few months ago.”  mapping-the-customer-journey-professional-services-580x325This client goes on to say that if a woman decides to get out there to find her life companion, then what they need to do is to take the emotion out of it.  Treat it like a job.  This is not to say that there should not be emotion as they begin to meet and date the men who the site may have matched them up with, but should they fail at finding someone in the first 48 hours of being on the site, they should not get emotional about it and consider themselves to be failures.

The client continues to say that maybe one of the profiles you find seems to be the perfect guy…OMG, he’s so hot, so successful, lives super close and has all the same interests as you…but for some reason, he doesn’t pursue or does not reply to your initiation of a conversation.  Her interpretation is that maybe that “great profile” actually belonged to someone who you in fact wouldn’t like in person…someone who is not monogamous, for example (should that be important to you) or someone who is always traveling and never around…regardless of where they call “home”.

All of this rang so true for how my life has been for the past 2 months!  OMG!  I actually fell in love with a profile myself, over a month ago…and then the guy actually stood me up!  My cuz, I think, was more upset about it than I was.  I just moved on to the next guy.  And the next guy was great and he and I had a great first date…and then I literally didn’t hear from him for like 2 weeks…job and location being a big issue for him.  I mean, when I did finally hear from him, he was super eager for us to go out again…when I realized that I had wanted someone who I heard from more often than that.

I think I actually spent a lot of the last 2 months realizing that I was ready to find that life-partner for myself.  I was ready to meet the man who I could consider spending my life with (thinking I’m kind of over “just dating”).  I even considered going back to the man who I had lived with for 5 years…who reminded me himself of all that had gone wrong between us…forcing me to consider whether or not I was willing to settle for the Devil I already knew…vs. the Devil I still had to meet.

Then one day, I randomly found 2 kittens on the street.  They were so tiny…and skinny…and alone!  What could I do?  Well, of course I brought them home.  My dog was not too happy about that…but I could NEVER have left them on the street.  I sat with my phone and sent text messages to a bunch of people who I knew who might want to adopt these tiny little creatures…someone who I could trust to take care of them and not throw them out on the street again.  In the midst of this whole fiasco, I had connected with a new guy…someone who was super busy with his own job…but someone who did live alone…and almost in jest, I asked him if he’d be interested in adopting these two little creatures I had found on the street.  I mean, everyone else I had reached out to had all responded with a nice, “I’m sorry, I don’t like cats but I can see if I can help you find them a home…” type of response.  Why should I not have given this guy a chance as well…I had nothing to lose.

His response shocked me…I literally thought he was being sarcastic…as he told me how much he loved animals.  Really?!?!  So uncommon where I live now…domesticated animals not necessarily being anyone’s top priority here…you see this by the number of stray dogs you see both on the street as well as dead on the side of the road.

Ok…so there I was on this online site, I guess trying to find my life companion (as my client has recently referred to my most recent journey)…but instead I found a home for these two little creatures I rescued on the street.  I did not consider this to be a failure, in my opinion…I considered myself to have done a favor both to the kittens as well as this strange man I had met who lived alone but loved animals.  As Malcolm Gladwell put it, I have always been good at bringing two beings together to create magic (having introduced many couples who are now happily married).  Excellent, I have done my good deed for the month…I just have to meet this man and pass off these two little kittens to him who are turning my dog into a maniac…and then I can return my life back to normal.  (I mean I had two kittens camped out in my shower, a dog who paced 24 hours per day, knowing they were in the bathroom but that he couldn’t play with them…and me fearing that these two kittens would then need therapy for the rest of their lives!)

0340fe7a6ad14db2be0587e86c83e947Finally, we meet, I give him a box with two kittens, thank him so much for loving animals…nice to have met you…and have a nice life with them.  Good-bye!

When the strangest thing happened…he turned out to be “that guy”…WHAT?!?!

I really never saw that coming…

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