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the-secret-to-living-your-dream-lifeI know…I talk a lot of crap about being able to live your dream…while I’ll bet that a few of you don’t know what your dream actually is.  You might find yourself complaining about your job…your husband…your children…YOUR LIFE.  Without considering what you could do to make it better.  Many people look at my life and the things I’ve done and might say, what a dream she lives…without realizing that my life contains probably many of the things that might piss you off too.  Ok, I live alone…yes, to me that’s a plus.  I don’t have to clean up after anyone or prepare a meal for anyone who might then complain about what they’re being fed.  (I remember always complaining to my poor mother every time she made fish…when in the end, all I should have done was just drown it in salt and lime juice…and left her alone.)

I also have an adorable puppy who still requires my undivided attention every time he gets spooked by the guys who deliver gas…which here is everyday!  Yes, I live in Mexico…but I live in the mountains…not on a beach.  I actually live in a central state with no access to water…so no diving for me!  And I have a job…a job that requires me to be in my home office everyday…pretty much all day, except when I’m making lunch in the kitchen or doing laundry in my laundry room.  And yes, I still do laundry and wash dishes and go grocery shopping.  (I pay someone to clean my apartment, so I will admit that I don’t actually clean.)

I guess my point is that there is nothing “special” or different about my life when compared to everyone else’s.  But every morning I wake up grateful that I have met a new day…and I go to bed every night with a clear head because I know that during that day I didn’t commit any error that might leave someone feeling bad or without something I may have taken from them…whether that be money, pride or self-worth.  I do try to bring a smile to people’s faces who are a part of my life…I’m always good for a funny conversation or story about something I broke, dropped or lost.  good job

And trust me, I am not “rich” in any way!  I do fine with what I earn…and trust me, I always need to hustle my time and work hours spent working for clients.  But what I do have is a great work-life balance.  On days when I have laundry to be done, I wash it…regardless if I have work to do.  (Great to be able to multi-task.)  And at the end of the day, I change into sports clothes and either do yoga or go running with my cuz.  That creates for me a great outlet of between one and two hours during which I’m devoting to me taking care of me…my fitness…my health.  So even if my cuz and I just walk around a track for an hour bullshitting about life…it’s still me taking care of both of our mental fitnesses.  Creating the notion that we have each other to unload on anytime.

I may be different than most people in that my couch is never screaming my name to lay down and do nothing but vegetate in front of the idiot box, but I can tell you that if your’s is, you should start ignoring it.  T.V. has never done anything to improve anyone’s life or their outlook on it.  Try to live your life regardless of what your favorite cable channel tells you should be in your life.  Try to find a hobby (reading, studying, knitting, a jigsaw puzzle, cooking, painting, bike riding…I can go on and on with this)…anything that gets you out of your own head.  Helps to show you the balance of life.  Yes, we all have “chores” to do…but if you concentrate on them defining your life, then you are not much better than a slave to your own life.  I often imagine, if I am able to fold all these sheets, then my reward will be for me to be able to do…(any hobby) for the next two hours…no questions asked.

Life is what you make of it.  Life is how you define it.  Whatever makes you happy!  And if you’re bored with life…that’s on you!  And if you can imagine something that happens in your life, something specific, that causes serious mental pain and discomfort…ask yourself, can it be eliminated?  OR…is there a way to change your perspective on it to result in it not being as painful and uncomfortable as it currently is?

e1e602a84be4998e0b731b7ddcb6a53dSometimes in life we complete a task only for the good of someone else…sometimes we have no option but to help out a fellow human being (whether that be a loved one or even a stranger).  And performing that task may exist outside of our normal daily routine.  But in the end, the price you’re paying to help someone else should not even measure up to their appreciation that you did it…just for them.  It’s times like this that make getting out of bed the next morning that much easier…with hopes that you might be able to change someone else’s life just with your own generous actions.

I’d like to say that while my life is filled with me supporting several clients for one job in addition to two other jobs that keep my plate full most days…I still am able to find the time to bring a smile to the faces of my friends and few relatives I’m still in touch with…just by reaching out for a chat to catch up…give them a break from their lives for a minute during which time we discuss books and movies and T.V. shows or boys and relationships…and sometimes it’s just for me to listen to them talk about their lives in an effort to allow them to listen to themselves.  Then to offer them a different perspective on a situation they may not have been able to find their way out of.  Or even a different point of view that might also lead them to appreciate it at a different level.

These are the things that I offer the world and to my friends who I believe sometimes can’t mentally find a way out of feeling badly about their own situation.  A way to not concentrate on what’s going wrong…but rather to show them how important it is to appreciate all that is still going right.

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