Don’t we all want Hollywood love?

I just flew home from a quick weekend in the States which was cut a bit short due to my guy’s work.  And it was fine…this early in our relationship, it was time away together enough for us to make some great connections…though I’m sad it had to be cut short or could not have been extended as we had both hoped.

Regardless, as we flew home, I was able to relax and watch a movie…”The Mountain Between Us.”  I hadn’t heard anything about it, though I am a huge fan of Idris Elba, I’d say that was the real reason I probably started watching it.  Then, with us just having left an airport, on an unexpected return home, it quickly became a scene I was able to resonate with.  Except their flight (that would be Idris Elba and Kate Winslet’s) was cancelled due to an impending storm, while ours took off without a hitch.  Kate Winslet’s character, much like myself, set out to find a solution where they would just pay a private charter pilot to take them through their storm to an airport where they could both catch a flight to their ultimate destination, Kate Winslet’s wedding day and Idris Elba’s young patient in need of brain surgery.

Next scene…they are flying over the Rockies when the pilot suffers a heart attack and the plane goes down.  Ok, I’m hooked!  I imagined a movie similar to “Alive” when the characters ended up eating each other (if my memory serves me right)…except in this movie there was a dog, so it had my attention…hoping that the dog would save the day.

Well, I was completely mistaken!

89e5c01bede925fa94b1268444db138aKate Winslet was severely injured in the plane crash and of course, Idris Elba was a doctor who saved her life.  They spent the next month or so working their way out of the mountains while at the same time falling in love.  You learned about each character throughout the movie, their lives, where they came from, their relationships and that neither of them had told anyone about their change in travel plans…so no one was looking for them.  Both of them being the top actors that they are…you can really feel the pain of one character and the loneliness of the other.  You can see how once they finally make love, how their visions include previous scenes of when they were connecting mentally and emotionally, finding in each other what they may not have realized had been missing in their lives before.

Of course, I cried!  I resonated with the “lonely” one while also feeling the empty relationship of the one who had missed her wedding day.  Having lived that before and having promised myself that it would never happen to me again, it’s still difficult to see it in someone else who also does not recognize it in their own lives. The fire burning in the background…the warmth of the cabin they happen to come upon…the sweat on their bodies…you can’t help yourself but to see what every relationship really needs…and all the things that really are irrelevant.

It’s not about what’s “good on paper” anymore…it’s about the emotional spots that are touched by the other person…the things they awaken in your mind, and body, as well as in your life.  Helping you to find meaning in the things that have happened to you as well as helping you to let it go.  Understanding how all those things had to have happened in order for your life to have brought you together…even up to the storm that landed them on the same mountain in the middle of no where…with no cell phones or TVs to distract them from each other.

mistakesI believe that is the best time to share with someone…just time when you can talk and unload the stories of your life in an attempt to even understand them better yourself.  Laying out what brought you to the moment when you made the connection with this stranger who is now destined to save your life…both physically as well as emotionally.

To me, that is Hollywood love, and anyone who doesn’t want it, just doesn’t know yet what they are looking for…

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