What’s on your To-Do List?

I swear, everyday, I should be writing a to-do list.  The list could be simple and only include…get up, make breakfast, go to work, have lunch, go back to work, come home…and still there are six things on my list that I could have the pleasure of crossing off each night.  Recently a whole slew of things were thrown up on my to-do list…things with both short-term and long-term things to put on a list of things to do.  But I would have to say that, in my mind, it was more of a pyramid.

checklist-1024x768For example, I have been living without health insurance for more than 8 years.  Never needed it while living outside the States, even when I was going to doctors with my own medical problems and injuries, the cost, when compared to what Americans pay everyday, was laughable!  Why pay for insurance???

So, one of the things on my “to-do” list is to get health insurance…of course now that I’ve learned what that could cost me, I am moving that item below “get 2nd job to pay for health insurance.”

Other things we may have on our to-do list, may be to remember to stop to buy milk on the way home from work so you have something to put in your coffee in the morning.  Or to remember to stop at the pharmacy to buy stockings so that you can finally break out the skirt collection in your closet.  (Of course, then it snows, so skirts really shouldn’t be part of your wardrobe this week.)  Hahaha!

Well, I have had something on my “to-do” list for some time now.  Some of you might think this is crazy, but there is quite a story behind the why which is what I am about to tell you about…

goal-setting-exercise-1184x1027How many of you are readers?  Now, there are different levels to being a “reader”…there is someone who might read the best selling non-fiction biography to be able to keep up during cocktail parties…then there might be the person who needs a book club to tell them what to read…never knowing what they might enjoy…or someone who really just can enjoy any type of book.  I feel like if I am not reading something, then I might as well be missing my left arm…no, my right arm, since I do write with my right hand.

And do I talk about what I am reading?  Sometimes!  I like sharing with people…especially those who are NOT readers, a bit about the experience I feel everyday when I am reading.  That disconnectedness I feel with reality…as I travel through space and time to wherever my book may be taking place.  (Some experience this euphoric feeling when listening to music, I imagine.)  Now, I have read the classics…and I have read the great ones (Gone with the Wind, The Godfather…just to mention a few) and the ones that many people read at the same time (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy…I think I read all three in like 10 days…while floating on the Caribbean between dives).

My mother once told me how she wanted me to see the world.  And yes, I could just keep boarding planes and travel around the world, if that is what she meant.  But what I want to believe she meant was for me to see the world during its “moment”…or when history was being written…which could be why I have been a HUGE fan of the historical fiction writer, Ken Follett.  He has brought me through the two World Wars and then what many thought should have been the 3rd one in the 60’s until present day…plus who could forget Pillars of the Earth which took me back to the building of a Gothic Cathedral in the 12th Century…And we of course can’t forget the journey that Carlos Ruiz Zafon took me on through the streets of Barcelona throughout a trilogy I will never forget…and the emotional novel about the unusual relationship between Astrid & Veronika written by Linda Olsson…that just changed me as a person!  And then there was a novel just about the world’s ability to survive, called Blindness and written by the 1998 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature, Jose Saramago.  Ooof, I could go on…and on!!

UGH!  Back to my “to-do” list.  Yes, on my to-do list is to get health insurance, but I’d rather say I was able to have found a job that would cover it for me first.  And on my to-do list are other items that are dependent on other things occurring first.  But today, I scratched something off of my “to-do” list that has been there for so long, so long…and yet, I could not cross it off until I not only had an apartment with an address, but also something that had both my name and that address printed on it.  And this week…that is exactly what I received in the mail…something with my name on it…so what did I do with it???

I went and joined the public library!  I am more proud of that card than I think I was when I was 5 and able to have achieved the same thing.  And why?  You may ask…Because it is like telling me that all those words…yes words…that describe all those worlds out there and in the past and in history and those that are made up and imagined…are now open to me to explore again without me having to keep buying another book on my Kindle!

So while I’d love to chat, and even share with you what my book is about that I am engrossed in now (Russian espionage during the 1940’s…)…I actually have to run because tonight I have a date with my book, a glass of red wine and some live jazz music!

Ciao for now!Book and wine - time for relax

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