What do we become accustomed to?

Anyone reading this…anyone in the world right now…understands that sometimes life has the ability to pull the rug right out from under us.  We have all…in every country on this planet…in some way, had to deal with this pandemic that has taken over our lives.

In the beginning it was little things, like for now, we are all going to practice working from home…which lead to us working from home.  Then it was, all gyms are closed.  Which some would look at as a savior, eventually it lead to people having to become creative.  I started running around the buildings in my complex.  It wasn’t great…God knows my knees are NOT accustomed to running on anything besides a track or a treadmill.  But it was either that or allow myself to become accustomed to my “winter” weight straight through spring!

Cartoon screaming knee
Cartoon screaming knee

So I run the complex where we moved to 6 months ago.  Initially, I wasn’t even sure what I was in store for…is there going to be a lot of traffic?  What about foot traffic?  Will there be other people also running?  I hadn’t considered the fact that since the complex is actually called Lenox Terraces, all 2,000 of my neighbors actually do have terraces from where they can “watch” me run.  In the beginning, it was winter time out, so I had to bundle up a bit…two sweatshirts, gloves and a hood on days when it was either raining or snowing.  All things that continue to put hair on my chest…as I always joke with friends!  So on some days, there I was, bundled up in black yoga pants and two sweatshirts with a hood tied around my head so that the wind didn’t blow it off my head.

But I became accustomed to it.

Then Spring did come…then summer.  And with each passing season, I shed some of the clothes as I shed the previously gained pounds.  With my hair tied back in a knot, listening to music on my cell phone so I am able to just tune the world out for 30 minutes at the end of my work day, it is really what I believe has kept me sane for the past…ready for this…5 months!  5 months ago today, March 13th, was the first day that my office asked me to start working from home.  And since then, I’ve become accustomed to it.

downloadJust as I’ve become accustomed to my fan club…Junior and Steve and Wanda and Carol and Tony and all the doormen, who are daily staples to my running route…I’ve also almost run down at least a dozen women who are definitely over 80 years old but who are so adorable, I want to bake them cookies!  I’ve met a huge number of people who own dogs…as they walk their dogs and watch me running the perimeter of the complex, probably wondering where I’m going…have now become accustomed to my four daily afternoon laps and they just wave…as their dogs still wonder where the hell I’m going.

The weather has been quite unforgiving this past month…humidity like you can’t even imagine in NYC can be unbearable…sometimes making it hard to breath when you are NOT even running.  But again, I’ve become accustomed to that too as my knees have become accustomed to running on concrete, on sometimes broken sidewalks lining a huge inner parking area in the center of an 8 building complex in Harlem which are now covered with tree parts due to last week’s storm.  lemonadeListen, God gives us lemons…we make lemonade.  I’ve successfully lost 10 pounds in the past 3 months because I was able to become accustomed to my new environment and my new life habits and nothing could ever make me happier…except of course if someone told me that this whole pandemic was just a mistake and that now we can all go back to the way life used to be.

Ha!  That would be quite a hoot!

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