How you doin’?

I am trying so hard to keep tunnel vision right now.  Just having returned to my city of birth after having been away for many years, it is hard for me to look at it as though the last 8 years did not happen to me.  My memory of my life before those years is... Continue Reading →

The Winner’s Circle…

Everyone is always rushing to get some grow be have a their next vacation destination...always some place in the future.  In addition, everyone is always trying to be better than the next guy.  We have all heard the expression..."Trying to keep up with the Jones'."  But why?  What is your reward?... Continue Reading →

Let’s chat…

I know...I talk a lot of crap about being able to live your dream...while I'll bet that a few of you don't know what your dream actually is.  You might find yourself complaining about your job...your husband...your children...YOUR LIFE.  Without considering what you could do to make it better.  Many people look at my life... Continue Reading →


For those of you who are caught up with my know that last night I met an old friend for a drink who had work colleagues who need to practice their English.  To my nice surprise, it turned into an opportunity for me to practice my Spanish (which really impressed my friend since he... Continue Reading →

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