Who says what’s right?

Recently spending time alone enough to reflect on my life...I see how isolated I have really always kept myself.  No one...or at least only a select few...have really known what I was thinking on a regular basis.  I have always been surrounded by people, either as schoolmates, co-workers or friends who I saw regularly...but for... Continue Reading →

Fair…Yes, let’s talk about fair…

My week normally includes people from all economic classes in life...from the Uber-educated and maybe even foreign born to the uneducated and maybe even ignorant to how much the world has changed & progressed technically.  That includes the old man who sells us pumpkin seeds out of an aluminum bucket to earn money to support... Continue Reading →

I got this!

Every once in a while, I might see what I imagine to be a happy mother with a beautiful child in stroller or carriage and the thought might cross my mind...wow, that really would have been so cool, to have become a mother. But I'm pretty sure there are a lot more women out there of all ages who look at me and my life who say to themselves, "Shit, I wish I had stayed single so I could have had her life."

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