Fair…Yes, let’s talk about fair…

My week normally includes people from all economic classes in life...from the Uber-educated and maybe even foreign born to the uneducated and maybe even ignorant to how much the world has changed & progressed technically.  That includes the old man who sells us pumpkin seeds out of an aluminum bucket to earn money to support... Continue Reading →


Whose philosophy do you follow?

Last night I went out with someone for coffee...not a date...just someone who is in the friendzone...but someone who was curious about my thinking and my habits.  We began by discussing the recent soccer match when Mexico beat Germany.  He asked me if I was a soccer fan.  I had to be honest...I was not... Continue Reading →

I got this!

Every once in a while, I might see what I imagine to be a happy mother with a beautiful child in stroller or carriage and the thought might cross my mind...wow, that really would have been so cool, to have become a mother. But I'm pretty sure there are a lot more women out there of all ages who look at me and my life who say to themselves, "Shit, I wish I had stayed single so I could have had her life."

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