And today, I travel…

Currently, as many of you know, I live in Mexico, so while traveling to the States to visit, I have to mix with both Americans and Mexicans as well as any other foreigner located in the city I am traveling from to either visit or return to the States  As many of you know, since... Continue Reading →


Serious identity issues…

It's not that strange, I don't think...but while living in a foreign country (non-American) it is very difficult to be known as anything else but as being an "American."  No one cares where I find my identity or whom I feel I most identify with.  As far as anyone is concerned, I'm "American" and that's... Continue Reading →


While I was in my 20's-early 30's, I remember having to listen to the drama from my friends about the relationships they had chosen to be in.  These were new relationships...not necessarily really meant to make it till the end of time.  Though at what age do we not think we're already adults (even at... Continue Reading →

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