Time to Hit Rock Bottom…

What does that mean exactly? I have what I'll call a very spiritual friend who recently told me it was time to allow myself to hit bottom.  I'm thinking...and maybe saying it out loud...why would I allow myself to do that?  As she is telling me I have to "allow myself" to do it. Again,... Continue Reading →


When I was in my 20's, I had a good friend who practiced and believed in the power of Reiki.  I used to listen to her as she attempted to perform Reiki sessions on me...whether it have been due to an issue I was having with the boyfriend I had at the time (he was... Continue Reading →

Man down…

Living on an island in the Caribbean, you become accustomed to certain things that maybe you wouldn't think of while living on the mainland or up north...the added cost to have products shipped here, the winds off the ocean everyday and the existence of ants.  This time of year represents for many of us a... Continue Reading →

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