Why did I do it?

Recently I decided to leave Mexico...to go someplace else. Where is not important for this thought process because while, yes, I believe that the decision was based on where I plan to go...it also included me having to leave something behind. I have been in this country for 8 years. I arrived with no real idea of what was in store for me. And trust me, I have always been a bad planner...but the last 8 years took me so far beyond anything I could have ever imagined for myself.

Life after 40…

I speak through the perspective of a post-40 year old woman who is not married and has no children.  So many of my readers, who may be married/divorced and with children may not resonate with this blog.  But let's discuss what happens once we turn 40... Personally, I graduated from college before computers and cell... Continue Reading →

Let’s chat…

I know...I talk a lot of crap about being able to live your dream...while I'll bet that a few of you don't know what your dream actually is.  You might find yourself complaining about your job...your husband...your children...YOUR LIFE.  Without considering what you could do to make it better.  Many people look at my life... Continue Reading →

I got this!

Every once in a while, I might see what I imagine to be a happy mother with a beautiful child in stroller or carriage and the thought might cross my mind...wow, that really would have been so cool, to have become a mother. But I'm pretty sure there are a lot more women out there of all ages who look at me and my life who say to themselves, "Shit, I wish I had stayed single so I could have had her life."

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