Finally single…AGAIN!

Don't get me wrong, I love MEN!  I love feeling the attention given to me as he asks me questions about myself, the time spent when the man decides where he'd like to take me out, getting to know how he thinks and where he's been...and of course our shared intimate moments.  I also enjoy... Continue Reading →

Self Reflection…

Yesterday I was super busy, buried in the constructing of a huge marketing campaign online.  I keep an alert to tell me that it is 3:00 on Monday for me to step away and run to the Mercado to buy my groceries and be home with plenty of time to complete a task for a... Continue Reading →


There are a lot of different kinds of love.  And unfortunately, right now, I'm probably not about to write about the Love you'd wish I was.  Instead, I'm going to talk about the love you have for a child. The other day, I wrote about selfishness...and how it can affect the construction of relationships, both... Continue Reading →

What do you see?

Around this time of year, I tend to spend more time alone. My friends all have families and spouses that they tend to spend the holidays with. And while many of them would probably love to see me, I hate to impose on anyone at this time of year, thinking that they should be with their families anyway.

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