Not to be redundant…

I always feel, when I blog, as though I am always circling a specific issue that I can't quite grasp.  I say all the time how when I sit down to blog, it's because I am feeling an emotion that I need to write about...but when I am proofing my blog, it ends up being... Continue Reading →


Am I deaf?

I feel like, for the first time in my life, I can "hear" all of the things I've been reading and saying to people for years!  I could literally paste one quote here, one after another as an example for you to read, or I can just tell you what I mean... How many times... Continue Reading →


What is your addiction?  And trust me...we all have one! Currently, I'm battling cigarettes...again!  I picked up smoking again about a year ago...while drinking rum and thinking I was on top of the world...though I believe in a more moderate level than 12 years ago, when I had been successful in quitting.  And believe me,... Continue Reading →

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